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Frequently Asked Questions about the Silver Fox

I've hosted hundreds of weddings at the venue over the last decade and given hundreds of tours. Here are some common questions, but if you have something else you're wondering about just post in the comments below.

Does your venue have air conditioning?

Yes, the venue is air conditioned. When we renovated the building, this was one of the most important upgrades we added. The main level where the reception takes place has central air units and the upstairs rooms are cooled by window units. As beautiful as the building is, we knew this was a must.

What is your maximum capacity for a wedding?

Our capacity for a traditional, seated dinner is 180 people. We can probably fit a few more here and there if necessary, but that's the number we like to keep things at to ensure everyone is comfortable. Our ceremony room holds well over 200 people, so there's never an issue there. We also host "cocktail-style" receptions, where there is no formal dinner that everyone sits down for at one time. For this type of reception we can accommodate 200 people.

Is there enough parking for guests near the venue?

Definitely. One of the advantages to being in a small town like Streator is that parking is a breeze. We are located next door to Walgreens, and the entire lot behind our building is available to the public. There is also ample street parking right next to the building and a parking lot in the city park across the street from us. If guests are going to leave their cars overnight, the only suggestion is to park the car on the street or in the city park lot.

Do you have food, drink, or guest minimums?

The Silver Fox has no minimum requirements. We understand every wedding is different and every couple has different needs. We take that into consideration and can accommodate small, intimate weddings that do not break the bank.

Can our dog be part of the ceremony?

Absolutely! We understand pets are members of the family too, so we are a pet-friendly venue. Please let us know if you would like your pet to be present during the ceremony or for pictures. We can most likely accommodate that! Once the reception starts, we do ask that the pet be cared for off-site, but while you get ready, take pictures, and actually get married we would love your pet to be present.

Can we do a rehearsal on-site the night before the wedding?

If there is not another wedding scheduled the day before you get married, it is our policy to give you three hours the day before to do a rehearsal, decorating, and drop things off for the following day. We are all about making things as simple and stress-free as possible, and having access to the venue the day before is a great way to accomplish that. Even better, it's included with your rental price so there's no additional charge.

If there IS a wedding the day before yours, there are still many options for a rehearsal. You have access to the building as early as 8 am on the day of your wedding, so we can plan for a time to rehearse in the morning if it works for you and your wedding party.

An off-site rehearsal is also an option, and is not at all uncommon. The most important thing for a rehearsal is that you have all of your wedding party and family together and walk through the basics of who will be walking down the aisle with whom, and who is responsible for the rings or other items you might need during the ceremony. Walking through the process of the ceremony is more important than being in the space itself.

On the day-of your wedding, the Silver Fox staff will be there to help gather the wedding party and make sure everyone is lined up correctly and queued at the appropriate times.

Another possibility for rehearsal is to come in earlier in the week and walk through everything. Understandably, it can be difficult to get everyone together before the wedding, but if it works for your party we will be sure to get you in and walk through things with you.

As always, if you have any questions or concerns about the process, we are here to help and guide you through it so please don't hesitate to ask.

Do we have wifi?

Yes we do. The network is The Silver Fox and the password is whitesox05.

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