The Silver Fox

Wedding Reception Venue



John was larger than life and loved nothing more than cooking, entertaining, and surrounding himself with family and friends. Sarah planned John's life celebration to take place outdoors because he loved to grill out and spend time outside, but when the weather forecast turned bad for the weekend of the celebration, Sarah found it hard to find a nice indoor space that was flexible.

And with that, The Silver Fox was born. Sarah and Bill found the perfect building and named it after John, whose childhood nickname was the "silver fox" because of a streak of gray hair on his head from a bicycle accident.

The building and the business are dedicated to John's love of life and his desire that everyone around him have a blast and live life to its fullest. Long live the Silver Fox.


The Silver Fox was born in the aftermath of tragedy but proves life is what you make it. Sarah Besser and Bill Phelan share a passion for history and architecture and were eager to save one of the many beautiful old buildings in downtown Streator, Illinois. Neither Sarah nor Bill knew for sure what to do with any of the buildings, but all that changed when Sarah's brother John fell ill and passed away at the age of 33.